Filing FATCA: Canadian Court Rules in Favor

Breaking News: Canadian Court Case Rejects a Challenge to Filing FATCA

Yesterday, a Canadian court in Ottawa rejected a challenge to the lawfulness of mandatory requirements for filing FATCA issued by two dual Canadian-American citizens. This latest dismissal is a setback to the global progress toward repealing FATCA – or at least testing its legitimacy. What Filing FATCA Means to Expats FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance […]

Expats in France: Foreign Tax Credit Limitation

Americans Living in France: Say Goodbye to a Foreign Tax Credit Limitation

Tax treaties can be difficult to understand. Expats know that, and in June, the IRS admitted it, too – in US tax court. Recently, the IRS was found to have been improperly over-collecting tax dollars and unjustly applying a Foreign Tax Credit limitation. If you’re an American living in France, where great tax news is […]

US Taxation of Foreign Pensions

US Taxation of Foreign Pensions: What Expats Need to Know

Understanding foreign pensions can be difficult, especially when you already have to navigate the often-complicated US taxation process while living abroad! Whether you’re planning to retire overseas or move back to the US eventually, you should be aware of some things regarding your foreign pension. Foreign Pensions and US Taxation: The Basics With over nine […]

National Taxpayer Advocate Midyear Objectives Report

National Taxpayer Advocate Midyear Objectives Report to Congress

The Office of the National Taxpayer Advocate, an independent organization within the IRS that works to safeguard taxpayer rights, submits semiannual reports to Congress, and the 2019 National Taxpayer Advocate Midyear Objectives Report to Congress is now available. This is one piece of news you don’t want to skip because, historically, the National Taxpayer Advocate […]